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Lost AIM Conversations
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Who are the mods of this community?
crazymol4588 and hopelessfangirl. We’re the only ones with posting rights in the community.

Why AIM conversations?
The idea is based on LJ icons made by crazymol4588 that showed the Lost characters talking to each other.

Who’s who?
  • Lifeguard4Life → Boone

  • BloodyRockGod → Charlie

  • PBLover → Claire

  • HeyDude → Hurley

  • Dr_Hero → Jack

  • DEADendJOB17 → Jin

  • Kill4Love → Kate

  • GeneralJL → Locke

  • DaddyDearest → Michael

  • ConMan08 → Sawyer

  • SolitarySoldier → Sayid

  • Lightsticks84 → Shannon

  • SunFlower15 → Sun

  • BoyWonder → Walt

  • I have a really funny idea for a convo!! Will you make it?
    Suggestions are loved and welcomed! We can't guarantee that we'll use your idea for a conversation, but there's no harm in pitching an idea to us all the same. =) Suggestions can be directed here.

    Can I affiliate/link lost_convos?
    Of course! Let us know in the affiliation post or in an entry and we'll get back ot you ASAP.